The eggshell is applied to a hand-turned wooden centre and the underside covered in rubberised cork for non-slip, non-scratch purposes. Each piece is weighted to ensure those papers remain in place.

90mm x 115mm
Weight: 195g

Materials: Wooden centre, rubberised cork and eggshell

All orders are fulfilled from our warehouse in Cape Town, South Africa. Upon receipt of your order, we will proceed to packing and despatch as quickly as possible and will advise you by email of the shipping details.


Shipping and delivery is included in the prices on all orders with a basket value of $100 and more*, subject to our terms and conditions.


Please allow 10-15 work days for delivery. If you would like your parcel delivered sooner, do not proceed with this transaction and contact our Bree St store for a customised, express DHL courier quote.


Prices shown do not include any local duties or taxes (if applicable) and we are unable to give advice in this regard.  AVOOVA is is not responsible for any such additional charges that may be levied by Customs and Excise offices, in country of delivery.  Please contact your local Customs & Excise offices for further information.


*You may be asked to pay additional shipping for fragile items or items that incur additional shipping charges. If additional shipping is required we will contact you prior to processing your order.


Avoova products are made using hatched and sterilised ostrich eggshell inlaid into a high quality cement.  To our knowledge, there are currently no countries where this material is restricted by Customs and Excise..


No AVOOVA products are subject to any CITES requirements but certain horn products may require an accompanying letter confirming origin.


In certain countries (e.g. Australia for shell products, USA for wood products), where Customs require supporting documentation certifying origin of the items, this will be provided and Customs clearance will proceed smoothly.

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Ornamental paperweights that bring a little bit of Karoo beauty into the office or workspace. Tactile and beautifully crafted in modern designs, these are perfect gifts for anyone still struggling with old-fashioned paperwork or a weak spot for pleasing shapes.


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