AVOOVA began life in 2005 in a small workshop on the edge of a remote town, in the vast expanse of the Karoo in South Africa. Now, more than a decade later, the fruits of the company’s pioneering endeavours can be seen in our five beautiful shops in South Africa and in the luxurious, creamy veneers we create with thousands of shards of polished ostrich eggshell.

Born of the African ostrich, this ancient material has been transformed by the company into a decorative finish that surpasses organic veneers from around the world for its beauty, functionality and, more importantly, sustainability. Our workshops lie in close proximity to the World’s largest commercially-farmed ostrich population from whose hatched eggs, we obtain our raw material.

Calling on ancient techniques used in marquetry, mosaic and veneering as well as many innovations of our own, AVOOVA has refined and honed the unique processes and skills required to turn this hardy shell into an art form in itself.

Now, with a team of skilled designers and artisans, we can work the shards of shell into a myriad of textures, colours and patterns, with inlays in pewter, copper and silver, painstakingly clothing almost any surface in a rich, sensuous mantle of eggshell.

The company’s design ethos marries art and functionality with classic and contemporary international themes to create a sophisticated African-inspired look. All our work is subjected to rigorous quality checks. We use the best materials and demand exacting standards from all our partners.

Whether it be one of our growing collection of decorative accessories or one of our bespoke commissions for private clients, we will only attach the distinctive AVOOVA ostrich hallmark to each creation once we are completely satisfied that we have created something that is not only beautiful but enduring.