Bespoke Backgammon Sets

Two of South Africa’s contemporary designers and makers of bespoke furniture have joined forces in a collaboration to create what they hope will be one of Africa’s most beautiful, luxury backgammon boards.

AVOOVA and Andrew Dominic Furniture started developing ideas together over 12 months ago and the first full backgammon set was completed and sold this month.  With output not expected to exceed one or two sets per month, the waiting list is already sitting at six months, with minimal pre-publicity.

Each board incorporates an enormous amount of highly-skilled craftsmanship, with the two companies deploying only their most skilled artisans to work on the intricate eggshell inlays and detailed joinery. Each board is actually a work-of-art meaning that output will always be very limited and that owning one of these boards will require patience and passion.

The raw materials and components are all of the finest quality and take into consideration environmental sustainability and the expectations of highly-discerning backgammon players from around the world.

“Because the aesthetics of a board are so important to backgammon lovers, we offer an element of bespoke design in each board and have spent a lot of time sourcing the best materials and working on the finer details of every aspect” commented collaborators Tom Goddard of AVOOVA and Andrew Dominic.

Crafted entirely by hand at their respective workshops in the Karoo and Cape Town, the boards measure 735mm x 490mm (when opened).  In the initial instance, all the boards will be made from American walnut with intricate inlays in ostrich eggshell and brass accents.

The backgammon counters, also made from solid brass with inlaid eggshell, match the hand-turned, wooden dice shakers with their brass rims and the engraved wood doubling dice. Buyers can choose from a variety of colours, designs and finishes.

Sample sets will be displayed at the AVOOVA shop in Cape Town (Shortmarket Street) or can be ordered directly from AVOOVA or Andrew Dominic. The full set – board and accessories – ranges in price from ZAR 59,000 – ZAR 69,000, depending on the design options chosen and are made-to-order only.

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