Introducing our scented candle collection!

We’re very excited to be revealing our new range of luxurious scented candles, designed in collaboration with our long-time friends at the Wild Olive African Artisans perfumery in Cape Town.

Before deciding on the different botanical scents, we wanted to create a beautiful, Fabergé-type vessel in which to house the candles. Something enduring and collectible – a trinket box of sorts and a place to keep little treasures once the candle has burned through.

The result was an elegant egg-shaped ceramic container trimmed in pewter and meticulously inlaid with ostrich eggshell.

Acacia Plains, African Rainforest, Namaqua Lands and Kalahari Moons make up the current fragrance offerings with each striking scent evoking different settings and celebrating different botanicals from Africa, the Western Cape and The Karoo.

African Rainforest is a refreshing fragrance that combines notes from the white blossoms of the Cape May and Snowbush, topped off with hints of spice.

Namaqua Lands recalls a glass of lemonade at the end of a long day, and combines freshly plucked citrus fruits with floral notes.

Acacia Plains evokes early evenings as the sun is setting – the headiness of fynbos and cedarwood, the warmth of African berries, the woodiness of Buchu.

Kalahari Sands – This scent, the final in the series will be available before Christmas.

Perhaps what we love most about these miniature eggs is how attractive they look as a quartet, and in the coming months, will have other exciting designs to show you. Collect them for yourself, or give the most thoughtful of presents.

Available in stores soon. 




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