The appeal of individuality, authenticity and sustainability.


    The AVOOVA ostrich is our commitment to quality and service


    Resilient, versatile & practical

Why commission a piece

from AVOOVA?

Practical, resilient and versatile.

Ostrich shell is one of the more versatile and practical organic mediums to work with in terms of decorative finishes. It has a warm, sensual and tactile look but is durable and heat and water resistant (within reason). The eggshell can be applied to flat and round surfaces (convex and concave) and to most materials from wood to steel, from glass and ceramics, to rock, resin and acrylic.

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  • Beauty by design

    Designs can be clean, contemporary and discreet or elaborate, bold and expressive….or anything in between.

  • African heritage

    During the design and construction stage, we may work with some of the most talented craftsmen and furniture makers in Cape Town. The piece is then sent deep into the Karoo to be transformed by the skilled team at our workshops in Prince Albert into something completely unique... into a piece of ancient Africa, shaped by its people.

  • Environmentally sustainable

    Ostrich shell is an eco-friendly/sustainable decorative material and we go to great lengths to ensure our suppliers also practice sustainable policies, wherever possible.

  • A talking point

    An Avoova commission is a great conversation piece, being the marriage of modern design and the finest furniture making skills. It speaks of the wide open plains of the Karoo, of nomadic peoples, traditional decorating techniques and the world's largest living bird.

  • Enduring good looks

    We have made table tops and bar counters that still look beautiful and fresh after many years use.

Truly a unique process

Custom designed

How we work

Know our process

  • Conception

    Initial discussions around concept (explore space/setting and possibilities).

  • Sketching

    Sketch / drawing and approximate costs (normally no fee required unless agreed – max 10%).

  • Client Confirmation

    Confirmation by client proceed with project and payment of deposit (to total 50%).

  • Design refinement

    Refinement of design, specs and final adjustments to costs.

  • Production

    Production (allow approx. 12 weeks from final confirmation).

  • Payment

    Payment of balance on completion of order.

  • Delivery

    Delivery (we can arrange competitive transport/shipping costs on your behalf).

Bepoke Yacht Interior Client

International experience

Extraordinary collaborations

AVOOVA has a lot of experience in bespoke furniture, having worked with many leading interior designers and architects from around the world, making extraordinary pieces for some of the highest profile interiors anywhere. Avoova pieces can be found on the two largest private yachts in the world, in some of the best lodges in Kenya and the Kruger, at villas in Cairo and Nice, in boardrooms from London to Los Angeles …and a luxury resort in Thailand.