Backgammon Counters

Two sets of 15 Counters in solid brass with eggshell inlay. Measurements :       D 38mm   H 8mm

Dice Shakers

Two American Walnut shakers with solid brass trim & internal lip.

Doubling Dice

American Walnut engraved dice

Playing Dice

2 x 2 Precision Dice translucent acrylic

Backgammon Accessories

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The backgammon checkers are handmade at AVOOVA from solid brass with inlaid ostrich eggshell, coordinating with the hand-turned, American walnut shakers with brass rims and the engraved walnut doubling-dice with gold embossing.

Clients can choose from a small selection of designs and colours for the checkers.

All backgammon sets are made to order and, assuming no waiting list, will take approximately 12 weeks.