Each of our eye-catching little egg shaped boxes is made from a ceramic base, glazed on the inside and then decorated by hand on the outside with a luxurious veneer of ostrich eggshell set into a hard wearing cement.  Accents and trims in pewter are inlaid around the eggshell and a water resistant, non-slip, non-scratch rubberised cork is attached to the base.

Diameter 85mm, Height 110mm

Banana Condiment Pot

$ 200.00

WOOCS 2.1.9
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An original and useful gift. This gorgeous Condiment Pot will catch the eye whether in the kitchen or on the dining table. Suitable for condiments, preserves, honey, sugar, salt or the service of whipped cream this friendly little container will attract comments and has a story to tell. With its glazed, washable interior and gorgeous ostrich eggshell exterior, this is a practical and beautiful solution to accessorising the table.

Each Condiment Pot is presented in a protective grey fabric pouch with turquoise drawstring, in a luxury gift box.