Nurturing our environment and ensuring sustainability.


    We believe strongly in developing and nurturing our staff.

At AVOOVA we take pride in our sustainability credentials and do our best to implement sustainability policies across all aspects of the business.

Starting with materials used to make our products; all the eggshell that decorates AVOOVA items is from hatched eggs, meaning that no harm has been done to any ostriches. Where we use whole ostrich eggs (in the production of our ornamental eggs), all the eggs are unfertilised. We only work with ostrich breeders that are treating their ostriches humanely and are duly certified.

The other materials that we use, ranging from the leather and the woods, the metals and the adhesives, are all chosen for their relative sustainability and environmentally-friendly qualities and we require confirmation from all third-party suppliers that they are also using sustainable practices. This is a constantly evolving process in an imperfect world but we will continue to strive for improvements in all areas.

AVOOVA is the largest private employer in Prince Albert and we believe strongly in developing and nurturing our staff.

We are proud to say that the majority of our staff have worked for us for many years and that our management team is comprised almost entirely of local people who have moved up through the company over the past decade or so.

In addition, all the proceeds from the sale of our book, Karoo Story, are donated to the Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT) for use in furthering the education of younger learners, principally in the field of IT.