The bushmen of the Kalahari were the first people to appreciate the qualities of the ostrich egg....

...using them as water vessels over 50,000 years ago. Ostriches and their eggs have inspired cultures and civilizations for the past 5000 years.

It was this legacy and an appreciation for the eggshell’s natural attributes that inspired Gideon Engelbrecht to start experimenting with the decorative and functional properties of ostrich eggshell in Prince Albert in 1999.

Enduring Values

Shaped by its people

Today, it is still the local people of the Karoo that continue the long association between the egg of this indigenous bird and man.

Our people are the lifeblood of the business and their individual skills and styles can be seen in each AVOOVA piece. Many of the company’s designs originated in the minds and between the fingers of its artisans. It is that personality, the way the pieces are laid out, shaped and fitted together and lovingly sanded and polished that defines the luxury of handmade products.

Handmade in Africa

Supporting the people of Prince Albert

Prince Albert is a small-town nestling on the slopes of the Swartberg mountains bordering the vast Karoo region.

Prince Albert is prone to high unemployment and its associated social challenges. The impact of the AVOOVA business in providing secure employment contributes greatly to the sustainability and cohesion of the community and the upliftment of its people.